What to Watch ‘On Demand’ While in Quarantine!

Since the COVID-19 Pandemic has most of us house bound, I wanted to recommend some recently released films/shows to watch at home to pass the time. Season 3 of ‘Ozark’ on Netflix has been my favorite season to date- I have a new love for Jason Bateman and a new hatred for Laura Linney (her character, that is- Wendy is a total ‘bitch wolf’ this season). Check out the list below (the *asterik notes that you can listen to a recent episode of ‘Red Carpet Rendezvous’ Podcast featuring a cast member or director of that particular film or show):

Television Series:
’Ozark’ on Netflix (streaming)
’Almost Paradise’ on WGNA TV* (Christian Kane is a dream)
’Money Heist’ on Netflix (streaming, new season out now)
’Better Call Saul’ on AMC
’Outsider’ on HBO
’Love is Blind’ on Netflix (streaming- this show is total garbage in the best way)
’The Detour’ * (streaming on Hulu- Jason Jones is hilarious)

Films ($ notes you have to buy or rent):
’Invisible Man’$
’Clover’ $*
’Human Capital’ $*
’The Hunt’$
’Lost Girls’ (on Netflix)
’Clemency’ $*
’Cat and the Moon’*
’Inside the Rain’ * (on Amazon Prime Video)

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